Sunday, September 23, 2018

The Name is Blarg...Blargedy Blarg

My character isn't 007, but close...

Since the last entry here at the Blarg I've gotten the itch to do a Spy thing again. This is nothing new, as I've discussed in the past. Specifically however, I really wanted to learn the old "James Bond" RPG from Victory Games. I've heard for a long time how great it was at replicating the particular flavor of the action/espionage that its titular hero represents. The only problem was, every time I picked it up it game me fits. All of its charts for task resolution and success rating were too much for the levels of depression and anxiety I've been prone to in the past.

However, I've been feeling better (most of the time), and had a lot more success with reading, rules comprehension, and so on, so I felt good about giving it another go. This time I was rewarded with an understanding of how the game works. For anyone who is interested in it, or its modern retro-clone "Classified", do not let its seeming complexity deter you. Once you grasp the underlying, unified mechanic, it really is a simple and elegant system that would be a jiff to adjudicate on the fly.

BUT...a couple of things. One, it doesn't really do anything all that different that can't be done in other games. Second, the character creation is a VERY long and complex process. (It does, however, turn out very nicely rounded and detailed characters, so if you have the time then don't let THAT deter you either). Plus there were some other facets that I just didn't feel comfortable dealing with for the type of play that I'm looking for/am often forced to engage in: very loose, open, improvisational, and seat-of-the-pants, making it up as I go. No knock on the JB RPG, just that it wasn't the exact fit at the moment.

However, while discussing the Bond RPG over at the Lone Wolf RPG Group on G+ a number of alternatives were discussed, including "Magnum Fury" suggested by regular contributor +Tam H. At first I didn't give it much thought, even though I love "Magnum Fury", as I'd come to view it as slightly tongue-in-cheek 80's Action. But the more I
thought about it, the more I thought "Why not"? It could do everything I wanted and needed to do easily enough, and in a very loose, easy, on-the-fly improvisational way. But would/could it capture the Bond-style vibe I wanted? Could I play it straight(er)? The more I went back and looked it over again, the more I believed it absolutely could.

I believe its "limitations" were really a product of my own concept of it. In all honesty, it's written to play a fairly wide spectrum of Action Movie styles, Super-Spy included, and really is written in a much more serious tone than other pastiches and parodies of the genre I've seen in the past. As a matter of fact, there's really nothing in it that requires it to be run as any kind of spoof at all. It's already a straight homage of 80's style Action as it is (which one may consider a spoof in-and-of itself, but I digress...).

So, over the past few weeks I have been slowly running a session off and on. Oddly enough, it really kinda started as a thought experiment to try some things out that went so well I just kept running with it. It's been surprisingly fun for something that started as a hypothetical, and that I had to run in tiny, bite size sessions off-and-on over the course of weeks.

I finished tonight, and felt good enough about the results to share them.

Next time, I'll get to the actual GOOD stuff: my character and the game!

Sunday, February 18, 2018

"The Vigilante Hack" Character Sheets! Part 2: Bruce Timm Style!

Remember this?
Like Bruce Timm's style of art? Need character sheets for "The Vigilante Hack" RPG? As promised in the last blarg post, here is the second set of character sheets for "The Vigilante Hack", all with blank character silhouettes in the style of Bruce Timm's "Animated Series" art. Ninety-Six poses in all, male and female! Download HERE.

"The Vigilante Hack" Character Sheets! Part 1

This is just one of over 50!

I love character silhouettes/poses for Superhero RPG's. "Champions" was my first Supers RPG (and still one of my favorites), which included a whole set of them on its character sheets (such as the one seen above). I could always draw my own characters okay, but having ready made poses is a much more convenient time saving option.

Since then I've been a bit of a horder for poses. I've done many custom sheets for "Champions" and "Marvel Super Heroes" over the years. With my recent love of "The Vigilante Hack" I decided to go ahead and make a bunch for it as well, and share them with the community-at-large.

You will find 59 PDF character sheets in a variety of poses, male and female, that I've collected from a number of sources over the years HERE. Note that there are several "Non-Vigilante Hack" themed poses included. I did this just in case anyone would like to use them for OTHER Supers games of their own.

I hope everyone enjoys drawing up their own characters! In part 2 I will be posting all of my Bruce Timm-style sheets, for those that prefer a more "Animated Series" style.