Monday, October 1, 2018

Emma Drake, Agent 008 in "Russian Hellfire" (pt.2 - Just the Mechanics)

That's more like it!
So, just like time, this one is JUST the mechanical bits of the session. As much as I can recall anyway. This one might be less exciting, as less happened, really, although there were some cool fight scenes... Anyway, here he go:

I think the first cop who showed up was the result of a "Mythic" roll under the Chaos Factor to start the scene?

I only got a Costly Success on the attempt to bluff our way past him. I took "Takes Inordinately Long Amount of Time" which I ruled meant someone might catch us before we got away (as you'll see in a moment...)

The metro was my idea. I asked Mythic, it seemed quite likely there'd be an entrance to one, & Mythic agreed.

I almost called it a "subway" in the write-up, because I forgot it's called a metro in Europe, until I Googled to make sure that Moscow even HAD a subway/metro. Hazards of playing on the fly! I'd have been in trouble if it DIDN'T have one...

The cops that intercepted on the platform were the result of a Mythic (follow-up) question stemming from how long the FIRST cop held us up!

The fight scene choreography is courtesy of my new "Fight and Chase Cards" from the "Operators" RPG. I love them. 😊

The 4th cop who just made the train was the result of yet ANOTHER Mythic question as to if we escaped (Thanks Mythic).

Since we then DID get away (or so I thought) it felt like time for a change of scene, since I THOUGHT we'd be going to the safe house now. WRONG! Another roll under the Chaos Factor. Whatever the result was, it was NPC Negative, & seemed to suggest Annuska running. That tied in nicely to my Costly Success earlier when convincing her to come with me, so I did it!

So I had to convince her again, and got another Costly Success. This time I took "Make Noise or Attract Attention" as the consequence, as it seemed fitting, which meant ANOTHER Mythic question, and another cop! Same with the escape from the metro station.

The hospital was the result of a Mythic question, & what the Action/Subject result suggested to me (something like "Oppress/Suffering" maybe?)
I don't remember where the Club came from. Maybe another Mythic question. I go to another source to suggest a location soon, but I don't think I did yet...

The Tattoo Parlor as the front for the Safe House was definitely as suggestion from something. Either Mythic or "The Location Crafter", since I know I pulled it out at least once just to try to mix it up. I do that a lot, thinking "Hey, why don't I try (X), & see what happens!"

I can't recall if I spent any "Grit" during any of this. It doesn't seem like it. If I did, I most likely made it back up at the end of scene. I don't recall spending much more Grit if any until the big finale...

Chaos Factor I believe went up one again at the beginning of the scene, with the cop, then down, then up again, then down. Up when Annuska tried to run, then down, Up again with the latest cop, pretty sure I left it up since it still really wasn't resolved, but I took it down one when we escaped, and one when we made it to the safe house.

Got all that? Yeah, me either. But if I remember correctly I think that meant the scene ended on a "6", since things were slowing down & settling under control (for now).

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