Tuesday, November 20, 2018

My idea for an OSR Survival Horror RPG

I've had an idea for a game I'd like to play, that's been driving me nuts. If I don't at least share the elevator pitch it's gonna drive me crazy. So here goes:

Basically a Modern Body/Bio-Horror/Survival Horror Urban "Dungeon"/Point Crawl.

Think Stephen King's "The Mist"  + "Silent Hill" + "Resident Evil" + "Doom" + Lovecraftian Creature Horror + Warhammer 40K or any number of Gonzo Post Apocalyptic games (for the Mutation stuff)

OSR D&D, most likely B/X, as a rules base. Or "The Black Hack" 1st Ed.

Basically average people in a small town, extra dimensional fog/mist/void/rift engulfs the town, phones/radios/electronics/vehicles don't work, have to "dungeon crawl" their way to safety (or other objective/objectives).

Lots of running, fighting, hiding, sneaking, & scrounging for weapons & useful items & supplies as you make your way across/out of town.

Picturing creatures like:
  •  Crazed Townsfolk, Mutated Townsfolk,  Possessed (Demonic) Townsfolk, Possessed Cannibals, Shambler Zombies, Possessed Runner Zombies, Bloated Zombies, Mutated Dogs & Rats, etc.
  • Large Mutated Human Abominations.
  • Lots of Creepy Crawly Insectoid Types in large & giant varieties. Crawling, slithering, & flying.
  • Slimes, Jellies, Oozes, & Molds, Spores, Fungi.
  • Tentacle Monsters & Bio-Horrors 
  • Weird, other dimensional beings.
  • Hostile Plantlife.

No idea if I'll do it, & IF I do if it'll be a cobbled together set of house-rules, A DIY thing I give away for free or self-publish as PWYW, or even if I try to publish it & do it up professionally, but at least I got the concept off my chest anyway!

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