Sunday, February 18, 2018

"The Vigilante Hack" Character Sheets! Part 1

This is just one of over 50!

I love character silhouettes/poses for Superhero RPG's. "Champions" was my first Supers RPG (and still one of my favorites), which included a whole set of them on its character sheets (such as the one seen above). I could always draw my own characters okay, but having ready made poses is a much more convenient time saving option.

Since then I've been a bit of a horder for poses. I've done many custom sheets for "Champions" and "Marvel Super Heroes" over the years. With my recent love of "The Vigilante Hack" I decided to go ahead and make a bunch for it as well, and share them with the community-at-large.

You will find 59 PDF character sheets in a variety of poses, male and female, that I've collected from a number of sources over the years HERE. Note that there are several "Non-Vigilante Hack" themed poses included. I did this just in case anyone would like to use them for OTHER Supers games of their own.

I hope everyone enjoys drawing up their own characters! In part 2 I will be posting all of my Bruce Timm-style sheets, for those that prefer a more "Animated Series" style.

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