Friday, November 17, 2017

"The Vigilante Hack" Class Hack by Yours Truly Is Here!

Provided without commentary. Too bad ass for words.

For the past couple days while still on vacation I've been grinding away at at the last of the projects (for the moment), that I wanted to tackle. I had a bunch of ideas for new classes that I wanted to write up for "The Vigilante Hack". But first, I had to re-write the core classes. Not because they were bad mind you, but there were a couple of things: A) Some of the classes didn't quite fit my conception of what I wanted from them, and B) I wanted to bring them more in line with the conventions of the original Black Hack.

So with that said, I went ahead and re-wrote the core classes, and then wrote my new ones as well. Six re-written core classes, nine NEW classes, FIFTEEN classes total! PDF available HERE: "The Vigilante Hack" Class Hack.

I hope someone enjoys them and/or finds them useful. Feel free to drop by and leave a comment!

Now, have fun dispensing some vigilante justice!

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  1. Wow. Really.. .wow. Great stuff. I like the Vigilante Hack and will support the complete Vigilante kickstarter, but all your work gives so many cool options.