Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Games I'd like to play (Pt.1)

It's so beautiful...
Until I get ready to actually PLAY something, I thought I might at least enjoy talking about some of the games I like to (or WOULD like to) play, and discuss their pros and cons.

The first up is also the first RPG I ever played, and the first RPG I ever solo'ed. Back when I was a dumb kid I quickly left Moldvay/Cook aka B/X D&D behind for other games (looking at YOU "Champions"!)

Don't worry, you're beautiful too...
Whenever I DID (infrequently) play D&D again, I was always forced to play AD&D, because that's what all the "cool" kids were playing. (TBH, I never liked it. I knew I liked "Basic" better, but could never explain why, & felt weird for doing so, so I kept THAT a secret).

It took the intrawebz for me to discover A) I wasn't the only one who felt this way, and B) Just how awesome B/X is.

Even when I did play it I was trapped by many of the assumptions on the "limitations" of D&D (both mechanically and in style of play).

If there is any ONE good that came out of the "Old School Revolution" (and there is PLENTY), it is how many eyes have been opened to the possibilities of D&D.

As for reasons I want to play it, even though fantasy ISN'T my first choice of genre, the pull of old school, nostalgic D&D is  strong. Just thinking about all the things it encompases makes me want to play it, right now.

Another strong deciding factor is just the sheer, overwhelming, about of material and support available for it. Again, the internet has brought a golden age that might even surpass the old days in terms of both quantity and quality material available, a huge chunk of it available for free or for a pittance.

I've got so much material available to run sandbox wilderness campaigns, urban adventures, and more now that it's sick. Just the number of random tables alone I've accumulated is staggering.

So, PROS? (see above)

CONS? None really, other than I'd like to play something ELSE (and by else, I mean in addition TO. My D&D sandbox was just warming up when I put it on hold, and I do really want to get back to it soon).

NEXT TIME: I "Chill" out...sorta...

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