Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Surrender to the Oracle

This blog post was inspired by Brian Murphy over at the G+ Lone Wolf Roleplaying group. His question was for advice on how to keep your sessions with the Mythic GME from turning into a novel writing exercise.

As a quick suggestion, if your sessions with Mythic devolved into a creative writing (as is easy to happen), my method is to just jot the barest of notes, let the narrative carry you, and try to keep the action "in your head".

You may very well catch yourself "drifting" back into more verbosity. That's ok. Don't fret. Just reign it back in & keep rolling. Keep the action flowing.

Only stop to jot notes when there is something NOTEWORTHY to write down! Role-playing is very much "theater of the mind" AND "theater of the MOMENT" so just go with it.

The other thing I'd add is if you find your imagination taking over and trying to drive the narrative, surrender to the oracle. Rather than thinking "this happens and then THIS happens", ask the oracle. "DOES this happen?"

It's useful (for me) to think of the oracle as an actual GM. All of my input as to what I see, hear, etc flows from "him", so I have to keep the questions coming.

Think of the oracle and your imagination as partners, working together. Each of them enable the other, but don't let either assume exclusive control.

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