Saturday, August 22, 2015

Do Eet! Do Eet NAOOOOWW!!!

"Do It! Do Iiiiiiiit!!!"

I had a few different titles in mind for this post. "Nothing to fear but fear itself", "Spread your wings and fly", "Got the nikes on, just do it", etc. But this simple, brutal, direct little ditty by Mr. Rollins & Co. gets the point across the best IMO on a subject I plan on discussing further in future posts:

Getting started in Solo RPG'ing.

It's a daunting proposition I think. Just like the whole concept of "role playing games" was new and uncharted territory to many of us way back in the 80's, Solo RPG'ing is still a pretty new and "far-out" idea now.

Role playing games took a change in mind set. A change in perspective. As silly as it might sound and seem now (even to me, and I was there!) we had to figure out the "how" of how to play these strange, new types of games with the funky dice.

I think the journey toward Solo RPG'ing takes a similar type of shift in thought, "unlearning (some of) what you have learned", and so on.

(I'm assuming here, of course, that you have heard of or learned about Solo RPG'ing, some of the tools involved, & so on. If not, hie thee hither to the G+ Lone Wolf Solo Roleplaying Community and then come back when ready).

My purpose here is to address what was MY single biggest hurdle, and from other posts that I see one that I think others struggle with as well: how to start, where to start etc.

And my biggest, best piece of advice (for now) is just as Hank says above: Do it. Don't be afraid of "doing it wrong". Don't be afraid to tinker. Try things out. Experiment. Practice. Do some trial runs. Start over if at first you don't succeed.

Sitting down & simply getting started, problem solving as I went, just taking one piece, one challenge at a time, figuring out what I needed to do in order to get done what needed to be done, was the single biggest breakthrough I had. Once I DID IT, all the pieces fell into places (more or less).

I have lots more to say on the subject, but all in good time. :)

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